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Everyone loves having a good cinematic wedding film for their D day. In addition, one also wants a wedding film trailer to be well made & brilliant. But have you heard of wedding lipdub videos?! No?! Well wedding libdub videos are a great way to make a timeless video thats oozing with fun! Very few videos can beat a wedding lip dub video! And in addition, lipdubs will make you and your family feel like pop stars! What better way to celebrate your D-day, eh?! So here are some pointers that will help you make a good lipdub video for your wedding day.



1) Selecting the right song: Selecting a right song is the first step you need to get right. Select a song that is peppy & full of energy. Weddings are full of fun & such songs, will ensure you get some great expressions & a lot of fun and energy from your close family & friends who participate in the video . Also select a song, that you both as a couple are familiar with and are close too. It makes sense to have a song that has some meaning to your relationship. Selecting a popular song too helps, as many know the lyrics compared to a rare unheard of song. Yet, if still in doubt, ask your wedding cinematography team for inputs. They surely will be able to guide you with what the most popular lipdub wedding songs doing the rounds.


2) Make the list of core performers: After you have selected your perfect song, the next step would be to make the list of important persons who would participate in the lipdub video. These are the ones you just must have. Ideally, start the list with immediate family, radiating outwards to cousins and close friends. Try and include those  people that matter the most first. If you still have room on the list, try and also include those people you know who are really expressive and fun. These guys will take your lipdub a notch higher.


3) Try and include a larger group for certain sequences: Sometimes having a larger bunch of people, in the lipdub makes it real fun. Ideally, try and include everyone in the wedding! But since we know its almost impossible to execute for medium to large weddings, you can try and get as many as you can on the wedding day itself, for certain sequences, like the main chorus of the song. Work with your wedding photographer to recruit extended family & friends on the spot for the lipdub.


4) Plan the lipdub before hand: If you have certain preferences about who dubs what, or want your lipdub to be shot like that video you saw online, plan it in advance with your wedding photographer/cinematographer. If the song is not such a common one, take printouts of the lyrics of the song before hand, so you could give it to the participating members. This will make it easier for all the participating members to get the lyrics right with minimal takes!

5) Shooting the Lipdub before the wedding ceremonies: Try and shoot most of the lipdub before the main wedding ceremonies start. The pool party, post-sangeet, pre-wedding shoot, etc are good times to try and squeeze the lipdub in. Once the main wedding ceremonies start, shooting the lipdub video will be a bit of a challenge. If your wedding shooting team is inexperienced, in this matter it will make things worse. Which brings us to our next point!


6) Choose a professional & experienced wedding photography team: Shooting wedding cinematic films is not easy. It takes huge amounts of work in post processing, in addition to guiding the lipdub participants and getting good cinematic footage of your wedding. Meet the team, talk to them and check their work, before you make a decision of hiring them. It could be the difference between an average video and a really good one.


7) Have fun!: The most important piece of advice we could give would be to have fun! The whole point of having a lipdub video is to capture the fun aspect of your wedding. Be yourself, enjoy the day & let go when you lip sync to that lovely song. Go break a leg and have the best time of your life!