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Photography is the core service that Knots & Vows provides. Our photography services can be divided into Candid Wedding Photography & Standard Photography.

What is the difference between Standard & Candid Photography?

The major difference between a Standard & Candid wedding Photographers is the way the photographer approaches the shoot. A Candid Photographer will capture candid moments when the couple or guests are not posing, in a very Artistic way. A Standard/Regular photographer will ask the subjects to pause & pose and will focus on only the main events happening, without bothering about behind the scenes candid moments much.


Candid Photographers (photo-journalistic/artistic/alternative/fine-art/story-telling):
Candid photographers will always focus on a more creative and artistic approach to photography. They focus more on story-telling than on capturing the wedding in a more mechanical way. Usually, when a photographer asks people to stop and look at the camera & pose for it, it results in an artificial moment fabricated for the camera. A moment that isn’t natural to the proceedings of the wedding. Because this has been the way standard photographers have been photographing, the older generations are very accustomed to this method. On the other hand Candid wedding photographers focus on emotions and expressions, candid moments that happens mostly behind the scenes. The portraits they take are also light on posing & focus more on letting the couple be natural, as they would in real life. They try and capture the wedding like there was no photographer interfering in the events. Isn’t that something everyone would want!



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