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At Knots & Vows, we strive to provide you great photographs as well as good service. Many of our clients ask us about how we work & how we are different from the regular/traditional photographers that crowd the market. We strive to be a well oiled complete unit that has both creative and operational expertise, that ensures we deliver great products and a good customer experience too. We are more of a Wedding Media Company, than just a wedding photography company. Read on to check out our entire process flow.





i. Creating a Customised Package & Setting Expectations:
Once you have finally decided to make Knots & Vows part of your lovely wedding journey, the first step would be to finalize your wedding package with us. Different couples have different expectations in terms how they want their portraits, or pictures clicked. Or maybe in what kind of style they would like for their wedding film. This stage is the best time to communicate all of this. The package will be created on the basis of your budget and requirement. We will advise you what to choose and what not to, depending on what you are expecting in your final delivery. Finalizing the cost of the package would happen in this stage.


ii. Contract form: But before doing that, we send you the contract form that protects both parties in the transactions. The contract form is a detailed form, that you  You can go through the form that we would mail you, in detail.


iii. Confirming the booking.
Once you have and have clarified your questions if any, you can proceed to pay the advance amount. We would advise you to do the same well in advance of the date, since we usually get booked out closer to the wedding dates.




i. Pre-wedding Shoots:
If there is a pre-wedding shoot as part of the package, then after confirmation of the booking, Knots & Vows will co-ordinate with you to set a date, fix a location depending on the kind of shoot you are looking at. If you have any particular kind of shots that you would love to have on your pre-wedding, you can share it with the Knots & Vows team and also carry those photos on your phone to the shoot. You can show the pictures to the photographer during the shoot, and he will accommodate the shots if it is possible to.


ii. Co-ordination before the wedding:
Knots & Vows will need to know about the schedule of the wedding in detail (including exact timings, addresses & phone nos), so that we can be at the correct time & place before hand. The co-ordination can be done with the point of contact/lead photographer a couple of days before the wedding event starts.




i. Wedding Day:
The day of the wedding is when we come and work our magic to be part of and narrate your story through our images and films. Ideally, someone from the family can be our contact person for the evening, ensuring that communication is fluid during the event. We also keep communicating with the bride and groom, to ensure everything goes like clockwork. You can pay the balance payment on the day of the event, so that the post processing/printing can happen seamlessly.


ii. Last minute Changes to Schedules:
If there are any last minute changes to schedules or programs, then you need to inform the main point of contact and let him know of the changes or the lead photographer on the shoot. Our team will accordingly co-ordinate or move around the shoot equipment as per the schedule changes.


iii. Getting around the venues:
Weddings that span over multiple days or even single day weddings have programs happening at multiple locations. In case we are shooting within the city, we have our own mode of transport 9 out of 10 times. In case we do not, we will inform you about the same and you can provide us transport from your end. If you have a constraint on transportation, then we will use public transport for traveling between venues. But with public transport there is a possibility of delays. Hence, we recommend transportation be arranged from your end. For outstation weddings (out of Mumbai), we would need to have transportation arranged from your end.




i. Unedited Images for selection delivered within 4 to 5 days:
As soon as we complete an event, we send you all the un-edited images that we clicked on the event. You can go through these, and provide us a selection of images for intensive post processing, which takes longer to do. You can select around 300 – 350 images per day of full day shoot for intensive processing.


ii. Early Images Edit for Social Media:
We understand that it takes time to select images. Therefore we try and provide you a batch of around 40 to 90 good images that we select on our own, for early social media sharing. These images are watermarked and kept at an optimal size for social media and web sharing. The final set of processed images that you get will be high resolution, and without any watermark.


iii. Delivery of Processed Images:
Once you have finished selecting all images that you want to be processed, we will start the processing of the images. We deliver the full set of images within 2-3 weeks from the time of your selection. If you have delayed the process of selection from your end, it queues up our workload, as your selection will co-incide with the selection of those clients who are selecting on time. This might cause delays during the peak season time. So it is strongly recommended, you select the pictures inside of 3 weeks, from the day you get your raw pictures.


iv. Designing & Delivery of Album:
If you have an album as part of your package, as soon as we send you the edited wedding pictures, we will start the album design and send you a first draft in about 5 to 10 days. You can review the album, and let us know if you want a change in sequence or change in pictures. We will make the according changes & ask you for print approval. Once you have approved, we will print out the album from one of our Printing Partners (the one you selected during the package creation process). The printed album will be delivered or couriered to you depending on your location.


v. Delivery of Traditional Video:
If you have selected a traditional video as part of your package, then we will deliver it in 35 to 45 days, depending on whether its the wedding season or not. We will then send you a first cut DVD, so that you can review it and suggest changes if you want any. After changes (if any), We will send you a finished DVD product in a DVD case.


vi. Wedding Highlights/Trailer:
The wedding highlights or trailer takes longer to deliver than a traditional video. The time increases if its a 3 day wedding, as compared to a single day wedding. Usually, a wedding trailer takes atleast 2 months to create from the day of the wedding, and when it isn’t the wedding season, we can deliver it faster. We will send you a draft version of the wedding trailer which you can provide us review comments on. Once all comments are incorporated, we will send you a vimeo link of the movie. This can be used for Social Media Sharing.


vii. Wedding documentary:
The wedding documentary edit, is done after the wedding trailer is completed, and is edited by the same video editor. The documentary takes around 45 to 55 days to be completed fully, including getting the review comments in from you, like in the case of a traditional video. The editor communicates with you to ensure the right songs, and the right kind of editing is incorporated into the wedding documentary:

Wedding trailers and Wedding Documentaries take a lot more effort to shoot and edit, than a traditional wedding video. Also the timelines include the fact that we are always working on multiple projects at any time, and delays in receiving feedback/review comments from clients, affect our work schedules. So we request clients to provide us quick feedback, so that deliveries can be seamless.


To know more, get in touch with us.