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Our most precious and the clients most precious asset is the data of our client, and we understand this fact incredibly well. It is our utmost top priority to ensure that the clients data be backed up as safely as possible & that the memories clicked preserved well. We arent ashamed to admit, that in our early years in the business, on account of device failure and we have once lost some data, and we spent as high as INR 70K just to recover the data. They say experience is the best teacher, and we came up with our Rock Solid Data Management Policy  with 4 levels, that ensures security of your valuable data.





Level 1: Dual Onsite Back-ups:
An onsite back-up is the process of backing up data as we shoot it on to a hard drive. A dual onsite back-up is creating 2 copies of the back-up on site on 2 separate devices (laptop/hard drive). Both devices are carried in separate bags and by two different photographers, in case there are multiple photographers on site. Once back at the studio, the data is copied on to our server & a copy of the data from one of the dual backups is removed. Cards are formatted only after verification of a clean backup.


Level 2: Clients Side Back-up:
We ask the client to provide us a hard drive (preferably a new one, and in no way older than 18 months) so that we can provide a full data back-up to the client. The biggest advantage of a client back-up is that the backed-up data is present at a different location. This ensures a type of disaster recovery back-up! In case of a natural disaster at our office, there is a second back-up tucked away safely with you! It works vice-verca too!


Level 3: Selection DVD  back-ups for pictures:
As soon as the wedding is done and we get back to the back-end office, we put all your raw photo data on DVDs. These DVDs are sent to you via courier or via someone from our office, if you’re in Mumbai. You get to select exactly which pictures you want us to process in detail for your final deliverable from us. The main purpose of this DVD is for selection, but it acts as a fantastic back-up for your pictures too!


Level 4: Use of good memory cards & equipment:
Memory Cards are the roots of where the data is first stored. The pictures clicked first reside on memory cards. They later are transferred on to Hard drives and other secure mediums of storage. So we ensure we never use old memory cards! There are some brands of memory cards, like Kingston that we have banned, because of inferior quality.


The above steps ensure that your data is safe and secure. These methods have been devised after our extensive experience in the wedding industry. We try our best to ensure you get the best secure service from us. To know more, get in touch with us on or call us on 9819989462 / 9920478887 to know more. You can visit our facebook page at or our instagram at @knotsandvows