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In a country that is obsessed with  love and romance; read ‘Bollywood’, everyone dreams of having their wedding shot in film style. Well, that’s exactly what you get when you book our cinematography services. Shot in a very aesthetic manner, these wedding films aim to capture the very essence of a wedding, which is ‘Emotions’. We are always on the lookout for those moments of happiness, joy, sadness and belonging.


Our work begins where other people stop, thinking they have captured the moment. Because, though an ‘exchange of ring’ will make for a good picture or footage, it is the stealing of looks right after it that you will cherish for life. We thrive on capturing this.


Capturing this doesn’t come easy as you need top of the line lenses and the best of cameras and the best of people to use them. Well we have the best of all of the above to ensure your wedding film stays true to your dreams.

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