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The LeMeridian Jaipur is synonymous with big fat Indian Weddings, but all the more with the prestigious Jaipur Literature Fest. Being avid readers, we always have wanted to be a part of this fest, but it has been something that has evaded us because of its proximity with the wedding season & a heap load of work that besots us during those dates. Over time, we stopped following the dates of the event, since we were sure we would not be able to attend. Thus we were oblivious to the event as we pulled into the Le Meridian on a cool Jaipur spring evening in February.


To our surprise & disappointment, we were welcomed with boards that read ‘Jaipur Literature Festival’. The event was just winding to a close and the very next day, we would be covering Amandeep & Divya’s wedding at the same location! If we knew, we would have preponed our tickets by a day or two and kill two birds with a stone, but alas!


Yet, the lovely wedding of Amandeep & Divya at a spectacular location upped our spirits in moments. Withing an hours time, we were scouting the lawns and alleys of the sprawling property, with the sandstone brown minarets of the Fairmont hotel looming as a backdrop at certain places, reminding of our previous shoots at the Fairmont. As the curtains unveiled, we had a ball of a time covering a energy filled punjabi wedding, that had opulent spreads of mutton Rogan Ghosh, large red snappers, drunk wild dancing guests, popular TV & Punjabi music stars, Pistol toting Sikhs shooting shots into the air and much more! Certainly a memorable event.


We will upload the pictures of the wedding itself soon, but for now here are some pre-wedding shots from the lovely wedding of Amandeep & Divya at the Le Meridian, Jaipur.

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