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Wedding Countdown Series – Western Gujarat

Wedding Photography isnt what it was 15 years ago. The digital revolution has drastically changed how wedding photographs are taken and shared in a short span of time. In the older days, wedding photographs could only be viewed in a wedding album, a while after the wedding. The photographer would have to develop the film negatives and then make prints from them in the dark room. He then would paste/insert them into a large bulky album manually. And if anyone wanted to see the wedding pictures, they would have to go to the physical location where the album is, and would have to flip through the pages to see it.


But times have changed, and how?! These days, pre-wedding shoots happen at exotic locations before the wedding, and leveraged with the reach of social media, couples share their together-pictures even before the wedding day! One of the best ways of doing so and also building up excitement towards the wedding day is to have a pre-wedding shoot and use the images for a Wedding Countdown Series that can be shared on social Media.


Punit & Heena did exactly that. We shot their pre-wedding shoot over exotic locations all over parts of Western Gujarat & then made them a pretty 5 image Wedding Countdown Series. These were shared for 5 consecutive days right before the wedding. Interested in something of this sort? Buzz us then!

















Sunita Sharma

Hello, Thanks for sharing the candid wedding photography idea. Absolute creative post and secret of any great portrait lies in the pose and expression . They all look the very best……….


    Thanks Sunita!

Blue Colibri

Proper preparation before the event is the best way for a photographer to have a successful outcome. I spent several weeks before my first wedding visiting other photographers’ web sites. I read books on wedding photography, and I researched photography blogs and forums.


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