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When Germany Met India! – Ahuti + Rocco – Day 2

The beautiful & dainty wedding of Ahuti & Rocco, in the hustling & ever interesting city of Mumbai. Day 2 of their wedding celebrations, which included a small ceremony & a wedding reception that followed at a lovely location. Here are some pictures from day 2 of their wedding. You can view Day1 of the wedding here.


Rocco’s family & friends all the way from Germany, adorning Kurtas, Lehengas & sarees. They made a colorful sight to the eyes!

candidphotography_Mumbai_D2AO-33 Beautiful dainty wedding reception location for a small sized wedding. Great lighting & decoration too!



A Candid shot of one of the guests from Germany.


candidphotography_Mumbai_D2AO-30The lovely Ahuti & her sisters.



Expressive beautiful young girls




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