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Getting the best out of your Wedding Photographer

With a hustle and bustle of your wedding, and a hundred things on your to-do list, the days approaching the wedding might be some of the busiest in your life. Need to get the food Menu decided, Invitations printed, the Suit\Gown\Lehenga designed and much more! When youre juggling so many things together, you might think that when it comes to your wedding photography, just booking your wedding photographer is all that needs to be done.

But is that enough to get those Oh so perfect pictures on your wedding day? No it isnt! If you work closely with the Wedding photographers, there is so much potential to make your pictures even better.

1. Before booking, Ask questions.
Ask all questions you can or might have to the photographer right before you book him. It may be pricing related questions, how he works, costs of the photography, what all the fees would cover, hidden costs or taxes if any or any such other questions. You need to understand and be sure that you have the right fit when choosing the photographer. It also helps you know him better and set your expectations correctly.


2. Explain your expectations to the photographer.
You need to be specific of your expectations to the photographer. There may be certain pictures youve seen online and certain types of portraits that you want or do not want to be taken on your wedding day. You may have certain parts of your decor, like maybe a cute Desert & favors table that you might want to be photographed in greater detail, with Close-up shots. All this needs to be mentioned to the photographer before hand, to ensure you get what your’e exactly looking for.


3. Send him a detailed schedule of events with timings:
This is very critical to do, so that the Photographer is not lost on the day of the wedding. Every good photographer will insist for a schedule via mail before hand for longer weddings. For regular shorter weddings, an experienced photographer would know what to expect when. Still, giving him a schedule will only help him in being at the right spot at the right time, resulting in great wedding pictures for you.


4. Pre-Wedding Shoot:
A Pre-Wedding shoot is the best way to take brilliant pictures just before your wedding. If you haven’t booked one yet with your photographer, ideally do book one. Along with getting great pictures it also is the best place for the photographer to get to know you. What angles are more flattering for your face etc. as well as its a good time to talk about point #1 too. It gives you the opportunity to take some really fun pictures too once you get warmed up.


5. Have a point of Contact:
Have a point of Contact for the wedding photographer on the wedding day is important. It should ideally be someone who is close to the bride/groom (maybe a friend or cousin) and not the bride/groom themselves. Cause on your own wedding day, it would be impossible to pick up the phone and be responsive all the time. He could help the photographers co-ordinate with the bride/groom. Also his role could be to show who the important members of the family are, so that pictures of them are not missed.

6. Delivery Expectations
Understand the delivery timelines before hand from your wedding photographer. They always have very busy schedules, specifically during the wedding season. So you will need to respond to their call for preview or review of the edited images & album selection on time. If this doesnt happen, it may end up in overall delays, as it hurts the planning of the wedding photographer. Once both have a clear understanding of what deliverables & timelines to expect, it helps a lot in smooth delivery of the images.


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