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Getting the best out of your Wedding Photographer

With a hustle and bustle of your wedding, and a hundred things on your to-do list, the days approaching the wedding might be some of the busiest in your life. Need to get the food Menu decided, Invitations printed, the Suit\Gown\Lehenga designed and much more! When youre juggling so many things together, you might think that when it comes to your wedding photography, just booking your wedding photographer is all that needs to be done.

But is that enough to get those Oh so perfect pictures on your wedding day? No it isnt! If you work closely with the Wedding photographers, there is so much potential to make your pictures even more…

Christian Wedding Album Design – Bonny + Divya

White weddings are elegant & simple. Especially in contrast to the colourful & loud Indian weddings they are. And the same shows in the wedding pictures too. And the best way to showcase these pictures are in an album with minimalistic design. Here are Bonny & Divya’s wedding pictures layed out in a minimalistic album.
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