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Knots & Vows was born of our love & passion for Photography & Cinematography in the late monsoon of 2009. Since then, Wedding Photography & Cinematography is more a way of life than work.

Our Ethos
Meeting new people, exploring places, experiencing cultures from the front row, forging new relationships – professional and otherwise & making awesome images & videos of you on your special day is something that continues to thrill us.  For us, the reward is the smile that we see on your face when we watch you flip through the memories we create for you. Our style of photography is ‘Candid’ & ‘Photojournalistic’ which means that capturing those hidden moments at the right time, that others oversee is everything.

Our Skills
Usage of Ambient light as well as smart use of on/off camera lights coupled with our extensive experience in wedding photography/cinematography help us make those outstanding images that will absolutely wow you! We have worked on a wide range of Indian Marriages transcending religion, culture & states. To know more, navigate the site!



Core Team

Jake Mathew
Co-Founder & Chief Photographer / Cinematographer

Jake is the co-founder of Knots & Vows. He loves everything photography & dreams & lives it. He is the chief photographer and heads the photography team at the forefront. An expert and a technical wiz with the camera, Jake can make magic with his pictures. His brilliant eye also makes him a great Cinematographer. Superpower: Can see what others cant. Camera tech expert.

Alistair Bangera
Co-Founder & Creative Director/ Lead Photographer / Cinematographer

Alistair is the co-founder of Knots & Vows and plays the role of Creative director & Lead photographer/Cinematographer at Knots & Vows. He directs the edits of wedding films and continues to focus on the design & creative side of the business. He also is a bibliophile, collector of things and an motorcyclist. SuperPower: Social Media, programming & Web Geek. Ideator.

Pankaj Upadhyay
Lead Photographer & Cinematographer

Pankaj is our rising ace lensman who has spiderman like abilities to get into the toughest of places and beat the rowdiest of crowds to get the right shot! He is one of those few professional photographers who still pursues photography as a hobby. We suspect he sleeps with his camera at night! SuperPower: Acrobatic flexibility for that odd angle shot. Wedding Crowd management techniques.

Enoch Soans
Lead Cinematographer

Enoch is the peoples man, and he has a great way of interacting with the couple and the guests and making them feel at ease. Maybe his psychology background has something to do with that. His keen eye & attention for detail makes him a great Cinematographer. Total geek, who always has a book around him. SuperPower: Making clients feel comfortable. Out of the box thinking.