Pinkesh + Karishma, Pre-wedding Shoot. Vasai Fort.

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Pinkesh + Karishma, Pre-wedding Shoot. Vasai Fort.

We take pictures of lovely couples all the time. Some in Mumbai, some around the country and others even around the world! As wedding photographers, there is a good chance of us losing our way in terms of freshness, if we are not striving to tell each story differently. Because, every couple is different and everyone has a different story. So when we visit a place like Vasai fort, where  many couples like to have their Pre-Weddings shoots done, try our best to get fresh different shots, with every shoot.

This time we came up with some fresh crisp shots of handsome Pinkesh & beautiful Karishma, as we shot them in the hauntingly beautiful decrypt ruins of the Vasai Fort, situated a couple of hours away from the crowded Megapolis of Mumbai. Presenting to Pinkesh + Karishma.


Pinkesh_Karishma11Karishmas light pink lehenga choli & Pinkesh white shirt with beige chinos went really well with the browns of the fort. This was their first change for the pre-wedding shoot.



Pinkesh_Karishma8A solo portrait of the bride to be. Solo portraits are as important as couple portraits. You are usually at your physical best in and around your wedding day. And its the best time to snap up some good timeless portraits that will make you smile, when you show that picture to your grandchild.

Pinkesh_Karishma7We decided to keep the yellowness of the sun as it is, in this picture. Because the best pictures are the ones that show what was as what it was, retaining the beauty at the same time.

Pinkesh_Karishma6When a boy goes down on a knee for a girl, he makes her weak in the knee too!

Pinkesh_Karishma5Such pictures are timeless. Crisp, great subject depicting probably the most important thing man has ever known “love” and surreal greens of a forrest.



Pinkesh_Karishma3An arched Window = Winner!

Pinkesh_Karishma2A tight portrait of Pinkesh & Karishma.

Pinkesh_Karishma1An old rusty wire mesh fence can metamorphose into a thing of beauty, if you look at it from the correct angle.

The smart, Pinkesh, with Karishma looking on from behind.

We will be uploading a few more pictures of them here soon. So keep visiting. Cheers!

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