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5 things to avoid on your Wedding day!

A growing checklist of stuff to do in your hand, time running out, things to be taken care off. You’ve done all the hard work, research and sent up all the prayers for a smooth & successful wedding day. So don’t lose it, by doing things you should completely avoid doing on that big day!


1. Don’t try to Control the Universe!
There are a 100 things on your  mind, and 200 things you want to execute on your wedding day. You want to spend more time dancing than participating in the rituals or want a particular shade of colored decorations. With some good planning, you could get most of what you want like you want. But there will be certain things that do not go your way. Let go, and don’t ruin the brilliance of the moment worrying about petty things. So what if the wedding is a bit behind schedule. Enjoy your beautiful day, knowing you have tried your best. Worrying & fretting wont change anything.


2. Your friend with a good Camera is not a Professional Wedding Photographer!
Youre friend takes some lovely street and bird photographs, and you think it would be a great idea to let him photograph your wedding. Think again! Friends are friends, and professional photographers are professional photographers. Wedding photography is a completely different ball game, and you should always give it to someone with experience, the right equipment and know how, unless you really want to risk messing up how you will be looking at your wedding through your photographs for the rest of your life.


3. Focus on people, not on Things.
The decoration, the flower arrangement, the things around are what they are, things! The things you set up are for those come to your wedding, the people! So focus on the higher purpose, the people who attend your wedding. Dance with them, shake a leg with them, enjoy that expensive food you’re paying for with your near and dear ones! Look around and enjoy the people around you. The things will take care of themselves.


4. Don’t try to do everything yourself.
Take some help from some of your friends. Hire a wedding planner if you can. List down the things you can do comfortably without exerting yourself. And hand out responsibilities for those other things you think might be too much, to your close family. There will be people around you who will readily help you out. You just need to ask. Keep your faith in them and enjoy the wedding!


5. Go on a Honeymoon, now!
Don’t put if off for a later day. Go on your honeymoon as soon as you can after the wedding. Dont let the high of the wedding drop down before you both tuck yourself into a beautiful getaway away from the hustle and bustle of where you stay. Get lost & make it epic!

The above tips come from us wedding geeks from knots & vows, who have seen hundreds of weddings up close, & have also experienced being married ourselves! Hope you have a great wedding day!

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