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Glenda + Glen, Post Nuptial shoot, Mumbai (Vassai)

Glenda & Glenn wanted to have their post-nup shoot done at a remote & hidden beach, where we wouldnt find a soul! So how do we go about finding a completed deserted beach so close to the hustling, bustling and overpopulated city of Mumbai. We ask the locals! Glenda & Glenn though both now are settled in Dubai, are originally from Vasai. And they exactly knew where the best remote beaches in Vasai were and how we could get access to them. Thanks to them, we managed to get some beautiful shots of them in their wedding attire. The shoot happened in the middle of the day in the afternoon (cant have everything!) and dusk sunlight would certainly have been better. But we had to make do with what was given, and the results pleased us.


Grayish blue skies, gray beaches and a beautiful couple that were so fun to work with! Glenda trudged along everywhere we asked her to go sportingly with a smile on her face. She even got into a swimming pool with her wedding gown on her big day! Beat that! Put a smile on your face and enjoy your big day to the fullest is what we advice all our clients! Dont worry about the dinner arrangement, the decorator, the photographers, the transportation and all other logistics. Have someone close and trustworthy manage that for you on the wedding day. You just focus on having a ball and making the best day of your life even more memorable!

























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