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A Jaipur Royal Wedding – V + E

Weddings in Rajasthan are always Royal, especially weddings in the pink city of Jaipur. Knots & Vows had the opportunity to capture the wedding of Vishnu & Ekta in Jaipur, with fantastic visuals as the backdrop. Here are some pictures from the Royal wedding captured in Rajasthan!

Fairmont2 small
The beautiful XYZ hotel, that feels like a royal palace. Certainly a paradise for couples to get married in. Also a photographers paradise. These kind of backdrops makes taking photographs elegant & royal!

Beautiful archways line up most of the hotel. Reminiscent of the numerous grand forts & palaces built by the Rajput princes & kings over the years, all over Rajasthan.

Note how all of the windows too have these lovely arches all over.



Elegant pools with lovely white domes and minarets in the background.


A striking portrait of the couple with a palatial backdrop and blue skies! Photographs taken in daylight make the best wedding portraits. There is no light source better than the sun. But harsh sunlight can be equally bad. For this photograph, we had some beautiful cloud cover, which helped soften the light for these pictures.


Vishnu & Ekta looked stunning in their royal attire. Vishnu even had a kirpan slung around his shoulder, which added great character to his already interesting attire.




A couple of portraits we managed to cover right after the wedding, considering the sun was blaring down on us and we were so short of time!





Display of sheer talent by a young boy performing a stilt walking act in Jaipur. Doesn’t his pink attire create a lovely and strikingly interesting contrast? Did you know? Stilts are also very often used widely in many countries for the purpose of entertainment. Stilt walkers perform their skills in parades, festivals, street events and at corporate functions. One of the most recent varieties of stilt walking acts is a stilt walker riding a ‘stilt bicycle’. This bicycle is usually an ordinary bicycle with extended seat post and handlebar stem.






Painted elephants make an interesting wedding addition. Especially in Jaipur & Rajasthani Weddings. We have on multiple occasions come across such lovely painted elephants outside both the Le Méridien & Foarmont hotels, whenever we have shot there.





Vishnu+Ekta17Different bands & musicians adorned the venue. There were some in spectacular colours with traditional outfits, and others dressed up like band men for the british army. Traditional Indian band men.





Vishnu+Ekta22Both Vishnu & Ekta dazzled the Sangeet function!

A dreamy close-up portrait of the handsome groom, Vishnu.



Does this pic bring back memories? Channa jor garam is a spicy and a tangy snack loved by everyone in the family. This simple chaat has childhood memories attached to it. Kids in the 70s and 80s used to wait for local “channa jor garam wala” who used to visit neighborhoods with his hand cart to sell this delicious chaat. A channa jor garam wala with a powdered face and a fake moustache? Interesting!

We loved shooting this wonderful Jaipur Wedding, and enjoyed the colors & the hospitality of the place. Continue to read our blog for more on such interesting Indian weddings. And if you want us to shoot your wedding, just buzz us on knotsandvows@gmail.com or FB Message us on facebook.com/knots and vow or better still call us on 9819989462/9920478887.

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