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Rajasthan Wedding, Saurav + Priyanka

Candid Wedding photographers usually prefer the easiest & fastest way of travel, especially when on the way to a destination wedding. But not, us! For us, adventure and the love of this beautiful world around us pushes us to choose the tougher but more scenic and exciting route. For this reason, two of us rode a total of whopping 1600+ kms on our motorcycles to cover a wedding north of Jaipur, in remote Rajasthan! We loved the three days we spent there covering the wedding as much as we loved the three days each spent travelling back and forth! Here are some pictures from their Pre-wedding shoot at a beautiful location.

We had to be up at around 5 am after getting into bed pretty late. But it was even lesser sleep for Saurav & Priyanka. After hardly one hour of sleep, Saurav was up and ready to go! Priyanka joined us soon thereafter, when the sun was still not up. The first set of pre-wedding pictures were taken out there in the desert! Priyanka adorned a lovely orange Salwar Kameez, which went well with the sand. Saurav decided to go with a simple Shirt & Jeans.



The whole wedding was set up in Northern Rajasthan, and the main shoot was to happen at the Ichapurna Balaji Temple, that is situated outside Sardarshahar town. The temple is a beautiful place as you can see from the pictures. We loved using the symmetry of the arches in the garden for some lovely shots!

There are some cultures in india, where the grooms hands are also decorated with henna, albeit not in an elaborate way like the brides.


Lovely looking couple, these shots were almost candids. Even both of them sitting there talking to each other made great pictures.


And sometimes it makes sense to look at the finer details for great looking shots.



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We had a great time in the next few days of the wedding that followed, eating interesting food, making some great friends and ofcourse making great pictures! One of the best and memorable parts was ofcourse riding all the way up north on our motorcycles!

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